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I have 28 years of client management, and yes I started with my dad, and yes I take into account the best teachings coming from him, the best negotiator and teacher I've ever had, the pleasure to be put at edge and ruled with iron integrity and morale, that's why I am who I am now, you need me on your side not against, however I am also a gentleman. Renting, Buying or Selling? "No probleming!!" Leave it in my hands. My Vision; To build the best relationship possible with my clients. Network and work as hard as possible to get that ideal deal done in a promptly manner. Educate sellers and buyers in order to make smart choices and decisions supplying accurate data for your consideration. To Sellers: Why a Broker? Advertising and marketing cost money. Marketing real estate takes time, and time is money. Effective marketing requires experience, knowledge, and expertise. A broker maximizes exposure through multiple listing systems, and across media marketing including web, a lot of Social Media, CRM, e-mailing campaigns and presentation. As YOUR fiduciary representative we prevent common mistakes and represent your best financial and personal interests. Maximize value through powerful marketing and networking in a competitive environment combined with a strong desire of success. We'll provide with a survey commonly known as comparative market analysis, which consist of intimate knowledge and an intense study of your property value considering appreciation, supply and demand, presentation, price-per-square foot comparison, and image. We provide digital photos, drone photos and video, reconstruction, 3D virtual tours, 3D simulations of properties we market. We will set open houses for buyers, renters and brokers as frequently as you will allow us to hold them. The sky is the limit. Pricing Properties. Pricing a property correctly is vital before we even think about advertising and marketing. We use several calculations combined with stats and reports to derive the proper price per square foot. Good luck to you. Let us seal the deal.


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Simeon Pastor Yomi Joshua

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