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Senior Mortgage Consultant

Glenn J. Meyer is a Long Island native, born and raised on Long Island’s South Shore he attended multiple private schools which gave him the ability to form strong roots with students from diverse geographical locations throughout Long Island. From Red Hook Brooklyn to Montauk Point Mr. Meyer has been blessed with his ability to maintain these strong relationships throughout his entire life. Glenn's start on Wall Street, and his experience working with business owners on Main Street has enhanced his ability to network and nurture relationships and allows him to share his expertise. Glenn's area of expertise began with a BS degree from LIU C.W. POST with concentrations in Finance, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, and Advertising. Glenn is known as a Master in Consumer Credit Repair and he continues to Master the implementation of Commercial and Residential lending products, as well as Investment, Banking, Lending, and Insurance. Glenn also Mastered the Utilization of computers and their applications in banking he has Excellent sales ability and interpersonal and communication skills, and a strong desire to succeed. Mr. Meyer, is an active member of various banking-related associations and he also attended a multitude of private school courses and programs in lending, and all skills are current! Glenn has been blessed with 3 teenage daughters with his wife of 24 years, he is an active member of his community. Glenn is proud of being named Long Islands Premier Mortgage Lender for Long Island Bride and Groom Magazine two consecutive years in a row 2020 and 2021. Mr. Meyer enjoys helping people achieve their goals and he also enjoys animals, boating, fishing, golfing, skiing! Glenn believes in setting huge goals and reaching for the stars, no excuses...His motto's are " Excuses die and the record stands!" also, "Never give up!" Glenn J. Meyer comes highly recommended in the industry, and has hundreds of referrals available upon request.
NMLS# 1571067, COMP # 1403



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L Weinkotz

The lender was very helpful . They help me to process my mortgage application , from the start, I was faced with multiple issues as result, the process took longer than expected...however, they managed to resolve my problems and approved me at a very good rate.


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