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Lisa Ganz is an experienced professional in the Real Estate field with extensive knowledge of both residential and commercial real estate deal platforms. Different than most typical agents she utilizes creative, "out of the box" thinking and is a seasoned, expert negotiator. When working with Lisa you can be 100% confident she will assist you in obtaining your highest goals as thoroughly and expeditiously as possible! Experience is the greatest teacher and knowledge is power! Any consumer is the most confident and comfortable when educated and patiently shown every detail of their transaction...and teamwork is key to achieve any goal optimally! You NEED and DESERVE the BEST service! Call Lisa today!

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It was our pleasure to work with Lisa Ganz. She helped us navigate around Long Islands real estate scene with expert ease. In eventuality, she helped us secure the house that we really love(d)!! Lisa is a native Long Islander, and possesses extensive knowledge of the hidden pockets of most  affordable houses that other agents in the area simply missed. Lisa patiently takes her time to educate her clients on Long Island geography, house types/builds, and how to create value for when someone decides to sell their house down the line. It's also obvious that years of experience have expertly added to her knowledge of the inner workings of buildings and structures, as our inspector repeated almost verbatim what Lisa has said to us during the initial showing. She is a phenomenal negotiator! I believe that the only reason why we have the house today as "non-cash" buyers, in such an immensely competitive market is largely due to Lisa's efforts and abilities. My wife and I were even kind of sad when the house search was over, given that, we no longer would spend time hanging out with Lisa. I know that most people find it daunting or frustrating to look for a new home, however, our experience was much different, and I wanted to share that with the Zillow community!! With Lisa you are in the best care in the business!!


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